1. General requirements

The text should be typed in a text editor Microsoft Word version 97 or higher in a single column, aligned to the width and contain no hyphens.
Font: size 12, font Arial.
Interval: Bastard.
Page Options:

•Margins:left - 30 mm, right - 30 mm, top - 25 mm, bottom - 25 mm;

•Orientation: Portrait;

•Page size: A4 (210x297 mm).


2. The structure of the article

The paper consists of the following structural elements:

•Hats article;



•Main part;




Hats article contains: cipher UDC; initials and names of authors (in alphabetical order)
indicating a degree, or title of the article (without hyphens). Title of the article should, if possible, be brief, essentially correspond to solve scientific problems (tasks) indicates the purpose of research, its completeness.

The abstract should be brief (100 words) to display the subject of articles used research methods and main results obtained by the authors. Abstract available in English and Russian languages.

The introduction should contain a statement of the problem as a whole, reflect the history of the subject of research, relevance, the current state of the problem and statement of purpose of the article.

The main part contains the presentation of research with full justification of the results.
Text is desirable to partition, which should have titles, is allowed a breakdown into sub-sections.

The findings concisely and clearly the main results obtained in this work.

References made in the manner of references to sources and shall be in accordance with the requirements of HAC.
In the text references are indicated in brackets. Forbidden to automatically generate a list of literature through footnotes.

The list of keywords contains 5-15 key words and phrases that reflect the contents of the article.

3. Registration of formulas

All formulas must be typed in the formula editor, Microsoft Equation 3.0 or Math Type 4.0 Equation.
This also applies to formulas and notation of physical quantities that are in the text.

The width of the formula should not exceed 7 cm

At a set of formulas to set the following parameters in the equation editor:


•text, function, and the number is typed Arial;

•variables - italic Arial;

•matrix-vector - Bold Arial;

•Greek letters and symbols - the font Symbol.


•usual symbol - 10 pt;

•big index - 8 pt;

•small index - 7 pt;

•large symbol -15 pt;

•small symbol - 10 pt.

Download the configuration file for MathType Elcom (mathtype).

4. Registration of illustrations and tables

Illustrations (drawings, paintings, graphics, charts, diagrams and photographs) and tables should be placed in the article immediately after the text where they appear for the first time, or the next country-tse. In addition, the illustrations are submitted as a separate file.
The thickness of the lines in the illustrations and tables should not be less than 1 point (1 pt).

To all illustrations and tables should be referenced in the article. Illustrations and tables are numbered in Arabic numerals ordinal numbering, for example, Fig. 1, Table 1.
Number of illustrations, and its name in the graphic itself is not made, and served later in a separate line.

The size of images in the horizontal must be within 5.5 ... 7.5 cm (plate that fit into the column), or 14 ... 16,5 cm (full-page illustration). Illustrations, with positions a, b, c ... should be the same size.

Caption must correspond to the main text, to supplement it, but do not repeat it.
Digital and (or) the marks shown in the illustration, it should explain everything in a signature, or all of the text.

Inscriptions to the elements in the illustrations, the designation of physical quantities must meet the basic text and made out in accordance with the rules of typing (normal font size should be 10 pt, font style Arial) and formulas.
On the graphs the units specified using a comma instead of in parentheses. Before applying the inscription, should be the size of the picture such as described above.

Images, graphics and photos in formats. Tif,. Jpg,. Bmp,. Eps (raster at 300 dpi) and. Cdr,. Ai,. Eps (vector). All illustrations should be recorded as separate files, the first part of the name which repeats the file name of article + figure number (eg, ivanov_12-01-2004_ris-1.tif or petrov_07-10-2003_ris-4.bmp).

Never use mortgaged plots Microsoft Word.

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