1. Scientific and technical journal «Electronics and Communication» comes out 6 times a year and covers following sections:

  •Solid-state electronics;

  •Vacuum, plasma and quantum electronics;

  •Power electronics;

  •Theory of signals and systems;

  •Methods and means of processing signals and images;

  •Electronic systems;

  •Biomedical devices and systems;

  •Acoustical devices and systems;

  •Informational systems and technologies;

  •Systems of telecommunication, communication and information protection;

  •Systems of computer-aided design;

  •Young scientist;

  •Problems of preparation of specialists;


  •News of science and technics.

2. Content of the articles, sent to the edition, should match the journal’s profile and it’s scientifical and technical level.

3. An article may be presented in Ukrainian, Russian or English language.
The size of an article is:

  •Review – 1 quire;

  •Original article – 0,5 quire;

  •A brief message – 0,25 quire;

  •A letter to the edition – 0,1 quire.
(1 quire = 20 text pages, 12 points with an one-and-a-half interval)

4. The edition should be supplied with one example of:

  •A printed copy of the article, signed on the last page by all authors;

  •Authors’ profiles(full names, scientific degrees, ranks, places of work, postal and e-mail addresses, telephone numbers);

  •A disk, containing the article and authors’ profiles.

5. The edition directs all received articles to reviewing. A decision on the article’s publication is made after receiving a positive review and a receipt, confirming a purchase of 3 copies of the journal "Electronics and Communication ".

6. Agreement with an author

More detailed information can be gained directly at the edition of the journal:

off. 116,
Politekhnichna Str., 16,
03056, Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel.: (044) 454-94-39

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.